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PetStreat Boarding & Boutique

The highest quality veterinary care for your pets

PetStreat Boarding & Boutique

Here at PetStreat Boarding, your pet is like family. We focus on providing a safe, nurturing and enriching experience while boarding where our main priority is their well-being! PetStreat is located on the street side of our amazing hospital, Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital, where additional medical services can be provided and/or medical needs can be addressed at your convenience.



Not being able to take your furry friend with you on vacation or inconveniences in life surge to where you find yourself  in the need to board your pet can be an emotional experience! When you bring your pet to PetStreat Boarding they are definitely in for a treat! Our clean, secure, climate-controlled facility and our compassionate, fun boarding staff—with ready access to our team of veterinarians—can give you the peace of mind you need while you are away that your pet is safe, happy, and very well cared for! During your pet’s stay our team provides a clean environment, fresh bedding, supervised walks 4 times a day, fresh food and water and an endless amount of love and care. Our facility can provide Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry food for your dog or cat during their boarding stay at no additional cost. Play time sessions are available upon request for a One-on-One fun experience with one of our staff members. Here at PetStreat we are happy to accommodate your pet’s special needs, so be sure to discuss this when establishing your pet’s boarding reservation. In addition, if your dogs spend more than three nights with us, they will also receive a complementary bath just before you come in to check out! Our facility provides separate canine and feline boarding areas, so that our feline friends can enjoy their boarding stay in their own private room.

Worried about your pet’s first time boarding? Day Boarding could be a great choice for you and your pet! Our Day Boarding service can help your pet get acclimated and familiar with our facility, our routines and it provides an opportunity for you and your pet to meet our loving staff. Need someone to watch your pet for just the day? PetStreat provides a safe place for your pet on those busy days full errands.

Canine pet boarding areas include a variety of sizes to accommodate your dog’s needs:

Our canine boarding areas include a variety of sizes to accommodate your dog’s needs and preferences. Each Plexiglas room is cleaned daily and provided with fresh bedding. You can also bring a special toy to comfort your pet during the time you are away.

  • 6′ x 6′ Premier Suite
  • 4′ x 6′ Deluxe Suite
  • 3′ x 6′ Classic Suite
  • 3’W x 6’D x 4’H Club Suite
  • 32″W x 29″D x 28″H Petite Suite

Our feline boarding suites all include climbing shelves and a separate litter box compartment, all of which are cleaned daily:

Because we know our feline friends prefer a much quieter environment, they have their own special room where they board. Each luxury condo has its own little cubby for your cat to feel secure and safe while away from home. We check on our cats at least 3 times a day to refresh their litter and water as needed.

  • 23″W x 25″D x 29″H Kitty Condo
  • 29″W x 25″D x 29″H Deluxe Kitty Condo (includes a separate sleeping compartment also)

During your pet’s stay at our Universal City animal hospital, you can also request additional services including

  • Individual playtime
  • Pet bathing
  • Nail trimming
  • Medication (we can administer any medications your pet needs)
  • Express the anal glands
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Training

To ensure a healthy, safe stay for all of our guests, our Universal City animal hospital requires that all pets be current on required vaccinations in addition to flea and tick medications before their boarding date. The required vaccinations for dogs are: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella and Influenzas (H3N8 & H3N2). The required shots for cats are: Rabies and FVRCP.

If any of the required vaccinations are more than 3 months overdue or have never been administered, then your pet must receive them 10 days prior to the first boarding date. If your pet has never completed the influenza series, the series must be started at least 17 days prior to the first date of boarding, and completed 3 days before the first day of boarding (the booster can be administered as early as 2 weeks after the initial injection).

Call with any questions, or to reserve your pet boarding room today: (210) 658-3574!



PetStreat Boarding and Boutique at Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital is located at the front building of the hospital, and offers a variety of unique products for your pet to enjoy.


Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital works with Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant, Diana Wilkins, to conveniently offer onsite training for your pet. Diana also offers private in-home consultation/training, group classes, and educational seminars. Her individual and group classes cover the following:

Puppy Socialization
Basic Manners
Behavior Modification
Fear and Aggression
Separation Anxiety
K9 Nose Work
For more information, visit her website at: