cottinghamDr. Randy Cottingham, DVM

Dr. Randy Cottingham, DVM, is a 1977 graduate of Kansas State University and has been working in the San Antonio area since 1982. In addition to his business and church responsibilities, he and his wife, Caroline, are the proud parents of eleven children.

horgerDr. James Horger, DVM

Dr. James Horger, DVM, is a 1980 graduate of Texas A&M University and has been in the San Antonio area ever since. He joined our staff as an associate veterinarian in 1989.

klineDr. Richard Kline, DVM

Dr. Richard Kline, DVM, is a 1984 graduate of Texas A&M University and joined our practice in May, 2008. He has been in active practice in the local area for 25 years.

hooperDr. Amie Hooper, DVM

Dr. Amie Hooper, DVM, is a 2013 graduate of Texas A&M University and joined our practice in June 2013. Dr. Hooper is the 4th oldest daughter of Dr. Cottingham and has been involved with our hospital for over ten years. She and her husband, Corey, enjoy calling New Braunfels home along with their son, Levi.

hooperDr. Kristin Griffiths, DVM

Dr. Griffiths, DVM, is a 2014 graduate of Massey University. Practicing Veterinary Medicine has been her pursuit since she was a small child. Dr. Griffiths is originally from TX, but grew up and finished her undergrad in Montana, graduating from Montana Tech of the University of Montana in 2007. She has been working at a high-volume small animal walk-in practice for the last year and a half. She enjoys the outdoors – hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding. She and her husband, Philip, also enjoy live music.