Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital Breaking Ground on Second Location

Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital is breaking ground on a second location on July 9th, 2018, and we are inviting you to celebrate with us during this special time! An official groundbreaking ceremony will take place onsite at 12:00 pm at 2539 FM 1103, Cibolo, Texas, 78108. We will have a few speakers, refreshments, and plenty of shade!

What’s up with the new location?
Dr. Cottingham along with the help of his wife, Caroline, and two employees began Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital in a 3,000 square foot building constructed in 1985. The Veterinary practice has grown in the intervening years to include an expansion of 8,000 square feet to the building and the growth of our staff; staff that now includes over 25 support personnel and 4 additional doctors, one of which is Dr. Amie Hooper, Dr. Cottingham’s daughter.

Of course, the most important growth has been in the number of clients and their pets which we are able to serve each year. With 33 years of continued growth we once again, as we were in 2004, faced with the need to turn away new clients or find a way to expand our practice. After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to open a second location; far enough away from the current one to serve a whole new community of pet owners, but close enough to give some relief to the Kitty Hawk facilities. The bottom line is this: faced with turning away new clients, many which come by way of your recommendation, or finding a way to expand without sacrificing quality, we have decided to add a new location.

What will be the same?
We will always strive to the best of our abilities to provide the best quality care for both our patients and their owners. We will continue to provide high-touch, high-standard care, with cutting edge technology and with the new location, even add to more onsite resources. Utilizing cloud technology for our records, we are going have the ability to seamlessly make referrals from one practice to the other when the specialized care for a case calls for it. This is good news for our clients as certain specialties in each practice will be available to everyone.

What will be different?
As indicated above, one of the biggest benefits of opening a second location, is the ability to offer additional services by referring within our family of doctors. This offers not only convenience, but peace of mind for our clients that their pets will receive the same high standard quality of care, no matter what stage of life they are in. Turning Stone Animal Hospital will offer a state-of-the-art physical therapy and rehabilitation center for pets recovering from major orthopedic surgeries, or, treating ongoing issues like arthritis. In addition, this location will offer a pet daycare center. These services will be available to Kitty Hawk owners and their pets. Kitty Hawk will continue to offer care for exotic pets through the expertise of Dr. Griffiths, and will initially have a more in-depth experience in internal medicine cases. These services will be available to Turning Stone clients and their pets.

All Change is Challenging
While we are more than excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead, we don’t have our collective heads in the clouds; this is not going to be easy, but no worthwhile change ever is. We want to begin this adventure asking for your help, mainly in trusting that the end will be better than the beginning. Some of our staff will be changing locations. Some of you will realize that you live closer to the new Turning Stone location than Kitty Hawk and may want to move your hospital of record. There will be new staff and will need to learn the ropes and adapt into our culture, a very unique one for Veterinary Hospitals.

We are asking for patience and understanding along the way. Construction will take about a year so that you have a lot of time to get prepared; we wanted to give you an official heads up early out of respect for you. We don’t see you just as clients, but as friends of Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital and as such we are including you in our future plans.

Thank You
From all of us on the leadership team at Kitty Hawk, we extend our sincerest appreciation for where your loyalty has allowed us to go. Beyond the care for our patients and their owners, we have a strong commitment to develop staff to reach their potential and to make a positive and practical impact in our communities. In this new undertaking, we have the opportunity to expand all four of our core areas of investment in both people and pets. This is exciting.

In Closing
I would be remiss to not make clear to all of you that the leadership of Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital, from Dr. Cottingham on down, sees our ministry as being ‘in the marketplace’ and that it is always our intention that everything we do be an extension of the Father’s love and care for our clients, their pets, our staff and the surrounding community. It is why we do what we do. Thank you.


P.S. You can follow the construction progress here: Turning Stone Animal Hospital Facebook or Turning Stone Animal Hospital Website

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