Melinda2_(1)Melinda graduated in May 2013 from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Environmental Science: Wildlife Management. She currently works at Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital where she is certified through the Texas Veterinary Medical Association as a Veterinary Assistant Level 2. She also works part-time at the San Antonio Zoo in the Education Department as an Informal Educator, where she shares her love of animals and conservation with guests through the zoo’s weekend programs. Because of her experience with a variety of animals, both exotic and domestic, Melinda has a unique perspective to bring when helping you train any pet.

Through the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior (KPA) she first completed the Dog Trainer Foundations Course, then went on to take the Dog Trainer Professional program. After completing this rigorous 6-month program, she passed her final tests and graduated, becoming a KPA Certified Training Partner. During the course she realized that training an animal is all about communication. Melinda is excited to share this incredible way to communicate with your pet called “clicker training”. With clicker training you’ll learn how to clearly communicate with your pets, no matter the species.

Melinda has always had a great love for all animals. In high school she gained some experience through volunteering as part of the Teen Docent Program in the San Antonio Zoo Education Department. During her time there, she continued to expand her knowledge of all species through animal handling training, public presentations of animal facts, and shadowing Zoo Keepers in their daily care of the animals.

During Melinda’s college years, she developed a passion for animal training and a desire to learn all she could about animal behavior. This desire led her to Karen Pryor and the world of clicker training. Melinda soon had every book read on the subject and was excited to be able to put some of her knowledge into practice during her college internship in the Education Department of the Little Rock Zoo. While there, she assisted in developing and delivering conservation awareness shows, and provided behavioral training and enrichment for over 40 animals, ranging from a Bald Eagle to a baby Groundhog, to a Blue-Tongued Skink. Due to her experience with exotic animals she brings a unique perspective to her training.